Various machine tools on metal, wood, etc. for a given workshop are carried out in the corresponding workshops of the ship-workshop (mechanical, carpentry, etc.).

The deck in all areas of the workshop must be covered with linoleum, and in the enclosure of mercury logs, the linoleum coating must not have any cracks and must have edges at the bulkheads to allow the collection of spilled mercury.

The workshop does not require under-deck handling equipment. Heating can be steam or electric, lighting should be general and local at workplaces.

They provide: a fresh water supply for cooling gyrocompasses, supply and exhaust artificial ventilation and fire-fighting equipment, including carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

The workshop staff consists of a chief (also a foreman), two specialists in gyrocompasses, two specialists in logs, two specialists in echo sounders and direction finders, one auto-laying specialist, two optical mechanics, two laboratory assistants and a storekeeper.

Workshop for repair of hydraulic mechanisms and devices. Production equipment of the workshop (Fig. 28) includes:

pumping unit with an electric motor with a power of 6-10 kW, dimensions about 1.0-1.3X1.7-2.0 m;
climate test chamber;
test benches for pneumohydraulic accumulators and hydraulic machines with plan dimensions of 1.5-1.5 x 1.6-1.7 m and 2.2-2.4 x 0.6-0.8 m, respectively, and a height of 0.4-0 .5 m;
stands for testing hydraulic system fittings; washing baths one with dimensions 0.9-1.2X 0.7-1.0X0.6-0.8 m, the other 0.7-0.9? 0.5-0.7X0.6-0.8 m;
stand for manipulators and hydraulic boosters with dimensions 1.5-2.0X0.7-0.9X0.8-1.3 m;
metal workbenches measuring 1.8-2.2X1.2-1.4 x 0.75-0.85 m, each with three parallel vices;
tool cabinet; rack for temporary storage of machine parts.

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