form 3-NDFL
Appendix 5 of the 3-NDFL declaration (formerly sheet E1) - sample filling
Individuals wishing to receive a tax deduction cannot do without completing a document such as a form
Scheduled and unscheduled inspections of Rospotrebnadzor: procedure and features of implementation
Types of inspections Rospotrebnadzor inspections are of several types: Scheduled, carried out every 3 years on the basis
There is no record of dismissal in the work book
Obligation to make entries in the book Both companies and individual entrepreneurs are required to make entries in
Staffing table: how to arrange it according to all the rules in 2019,
Staffing table: how to arrange it according to all the rules in 2021, download a sample
What is staffing and why is it needed? Staffing table according to T-3 form -
Personal account of a natural resource user of Rosprirodnadzor
RosPrirodNadzor Government organizations (1 ratings, average: 5.00 out of 5) Website Personal account RosPrirodnadzor Service
How to issue a waybill
Rules for filling out the TTN: how to correctly fill out the consignment note - procedure and instructions for registration, sample signatures
Transportation of cargo by any vehicle by default involves the transfer of certain documents along with the transported
Transfer of an employee to another structural unit: complete it correctly
The structure of all government institutions has its own divisions, departments, that is, structural units. A
Exact algorithm for dismissal due to staff reduction (Article 81, Part 1, Clause 2 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation)
What groups of grounds for dismissal are identified by Article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation? Reasons for dismissals given in
paragraph 3, article 77 dismissal at will
Dismissal at will: Article 77, paragraph 3, part
The grounds for termination of an employment contract are: 1) agreement of the parties (Article 78 of this Code); 2) expiration
Delivery of goods
Penalty for delay in fulfillment of obligations under the contract
Why is it required? Due to the presence of a penalty, conditions are created under which it is economically unprofitable for participants in contractual relations
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